Welcome to St Gall’s


Welcome to St. Gall’s Church, Carnalea, in Bangor

County Down in Northern  Ireland. 

We are an Anglican/Episcopalian Church.

A congregation in The Church of Ireland

within the Diocese of Down & Dromore. 

PLEASE READ : Introduction and Welcome in the light of the

Cornonavirus Emergency

Words from the Rector - 7th September 2020

Dear Folks

As I write this we have received guidance that churches are free to consider reopening, albeit while operating within a tight safety framework.

It’s church. But not as we know it...

We have a super group - our “Parish Covid Committee” who are working away in the background to prepare our church to reopen. Safely. If you check out our YouTube channel you will see our two return to church movies: What does church look like in the time of Covid-19?

That is the question. The videos will give you something of an answer.


The questions you might be asking:

When will we reopen the church?

Chruch reopened in a limited way on the first Sunday of August with a 10 a.m. service. It all went well. Pop along on Sunday if you like - follow the instructions of the folks on duty. Watch the video guide - very useful and you might enjoy a laugh!

When I come to church - do I need a face mask?

Yes. If a person is wearing a mask wearing that mask reduces transmission of the virus significantly. Very important that we do this simple thing.

Every little helps.

Will we be singing?

No. That adds to the risk of transmission. We will be finding new ways to worship that are safe for us all and minimize risk.

Will there be 2 metres distancing?

Yes. Inside that is still recommended. Watch the Youtube videos that outline just what we will be able to do to help one another attend church safely.

Listen to the steward that meets you in the car park.

Follow their instructions.

Will the YouTube services continue?

Yes, they will. There are no plans for those to end. The Online Worship will continue alongside the real world worship.

Those who are online please share the info you see here with those who are not online.

On the right of this screen you will see the YOUTube and Facebook logos. The worshipping life of our church is now online.

Our Facebook feed and YOUTube channel  are a key way of keeping in touch over the coming weeks.

Pop along to share in prayers and reflections during the week and on Sundays.  Click on those logo links. On the right.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Like and Share the services that help you.

Keep in touch!

We are the family of God. We are the church of Christ.

Peace to you,

Canon Michael Parker

Bits and Pieces from another time...

In January 2012 we broadcast our Morning Service on BBC Radio Ulster. Like to listen?

For a guide on surviving church go to the Things to Know page.

If you would like to pray you could use our Prayer for Today page.

The Rector here is Canon Michael Parker. He was instituted to the parish in May 2000 having served in parishes in Birmingham, England and also in Belfast here in Northern Ireland. 

If you are thinking about the things of faith and would like some food for thought do take time to have a look at our Reflection page . 

We celebrate St Gall each year on the third Sunday in October. On that Sunday young and old in our congregation bring their teddy bears to church and we hear again the story of the saint and his bear.  Our sculpture of a large European bear, by local artist Owen Crawford, stands in the grounds and reminds us of the founding of St Gall’s community at Steinach in Switzerland over 1400 years ago.


We support Fairtrade Bangor and the committee that has worked to have Bangor established as a Fairtrade Town.

If you want to know more about Fairtrade Bangor click the logo on the right.


In  2005 the Select Vestry of the parish took the decision to declare the church a "Fair Trade Church". This means that all tea and coffee served in the church  - at functions, events, after services - will all be from a fairly traded source. This means that those who have worked to provide these drinks will have been paid a fair price for their produce and for their labour. That has to be a good thing.

We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to Saint Gall's Online.

Peace to you.

Michael Parker


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